Tarot Celtic Spread
Tarot Celtic Spread

Spreads using tarot cards are an integral aspect of any reading. In doing so, they provide the reading structure and context, allowing the reader to understand the meaning of the drawn cards better and shed light on specific issues in the individual’s life. We’ll learn about the various tarot card spreads and how to put them to use in this article.

The Three-Card-Spread is a Good Starting Point for Beginners since It Is a Simple but Powerful Spread. One of the three cards represents the past, present, and future. Therefore, this layout can gain insight into a situation’s past and future.

One of the most common and well-known tarot card spreads is the Celtic Cross. Consisting of ten cards, it offers a comprehensive look at the person’s past, present, and future, along with their hopes, anxieties, and prospective outcomes.

The purpose of the relationship spread is to shed light on a specific connection. It consists of six cards that stand in for the individual, their partner, the current status of the relationship, potential hurdles, and potential outcomes. This spread can benefit those seeking more insight and comprehension into their romantic partnerships.

The Career Spread is a helpful tool for those looking for direction in their professional lives. The querent’s current occupation, potential prospects, challenges, and consequences are all represented by seven cards. This two-page layout can be used to assess one’s professional abilities and pinpoint areas for improvement.

The yes/no spread is a straightforward option for resolving a single-question scenario. A yes or no answer can be obtained by selecting either one or two cards. Using this spread to think over a problem or make a choice more thoroughly can be quite beneficial.

It would help if you went in with a specific goal and question to get the most out of your online tarot card reading for free. Ruffling the cards and refocusing your attention before diving into the problem is essential. Then, arrange the cards according to the chosen spread and consider what insights might be gleaned from them in light of the inquiry. Remember that tarot card reading is not a conclusion but a guide for introspection and consideration. Spread your newfound knowledge around and let it guide your future moves.

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