The Major Arcana
The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana are the first 22 cards in a tarot deck. These cards have a lot of meaning and symbolize some of the essential things that can happen to a person. We’ll look at the symbolism and interpretation of the Major Arcana cards in further detail below.



The Fool is a symbol of fresh starts, spontaneity, and innocence.

The Magician stands for the ability to make things happen, originality, and ingenuity.

The High Priestess represents intuition, mystery, and the unknown is the High Priestess.

The Empress: Fecundity, plenty, and caring are all attributes associated with the Empress.

The Emperor is a symbol of power, organization, and leadership.

The Hierophant symbolizes sanctity, religion, and history.

The Couples: The Couples stand for the freedom to make decisions and the opportunity to form meaningful bonds with others.

The Chariot is a metaphor for success, hard work, and ambition.

Strength: Inner fortitude, bravery, and kindness are all aspects of strength.

The Hermit is a symbol of solitary thought and analysis.

The Fortune Wheel is a metaphor for life’s inevitable cycles and twists of fortune.

Justice is the embodiment of harmony, equity, and responsibility.

The Hanged Man symbolizes giving up, making sacrifices, and letting go.

Death is a metaphor for maturation and renewal.

Temperance: Moderation, harmony, and balance are all aspects of temperance.

The Devil: Temptation, dependence, and financial pursuits are all aspects of the Devil’s character.

The Tower is a metaphor for change, confusion, and disruption.

The Star: Hope, inspiration, and direction are all represented by The Star.

The Moon symbolizes irrational thinking, deep feelings, and the subconscious.

The Sun: Joy, vitality, and a constructive outlook symbolize the Sun.

Judgment stands for a new beginning, a moment of realization, and a chance at a fresh start.

The World is a symbol of finality, satisfaction, and totality.

Each card has its unique importance and meaning but can also be interpreted in light of the subject or issue. Learning the purposes and symbols of the Major Arcana cards can help you in many different areas of your life.

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