Free Astrology ReadingPsychic readings are simply just guidelines. What is forseen by your psychic reader will not come true on its own; you also need to do something to make those predictions happen.

Like for instance, you are foreseen to be successful in a new business endeavor. Given such, if you don’t do something about it (like enter into a new business) and work hard for it, how is it possible to reach the top and be successful? These 5 are the basic concepts that you need to know about free tarot readings. People are into psychic readings for many various reasons. Some people have regular readings because they want enlightenment, while others are just simply in it for the fun. But no matter what reasons people have for wanting a reading, one thing is sure — psychic readings are very powerful and they are capable of making everything better. Tana Hoy has been helping others through his psychic readings for the past 18 years. If you want to read more about how Tana’s psychic readings have dramatically changed thousands of lives, CLICK HERE to visit his website.

From time to time I hope to review Tarot or Astrology-related fiction that I enjoyed reading. I had the pleasure of reading this novella as it was being written and, believe me, I couldn’t wait for each chapter to arrive! I Know You Know is a supernatural, paranormal thriller that you won’t want to put down once you’ve started reading. The internal conversations between Janice, the Tarot reader, and her deceased grandmother are entertaining, even as Janice’s menacing client, Edgar Kipp, keeps the reader on high alert. From the very start, we are drawn completely into Janice’s world and Edgar Kipp’s as well (not a very nice place at all). We know that Gran is right — Janice is in danger — but who will protect her? Detective Inspector Rob Tate eventually realizes what’s going on — but he may be too late to prevent Kipp from carrying out his deadly mission. Go ahead. Read it. You Know You Want To. I note however, that my next card is quite a good card to describe Longview. Again location ideas are plenty but they are not necessarily stable as this is a very experimental and early stages part of readings. Asking when Jeanne might be found I am getting the Page of Pentacles. This card is search and find which means it can show previous elements of searching as well as offer current or future. We are being told to look hard here. The number is 11 and this can condense to number 2 for roads and routes. It is primarily a North card however, and we have to consider all the directions that will appear on a map which shall be posted in due course . North West also is here. I am also seeing roof, attic, eaves. These words can represent the word High or Up in some way. Fields rurality, parks valleys, gold Gate.

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I could be wrong though. Travel adventure and journeys are seen here. Its always a big responsibility hoping to pick out location as of course Tarot cannot name a place as a rule. All I can do is give what I have. Again cards are past present and future and it might even be that destination is on the other cards too. We have to consider them all to see what makes the most sense given what is known. I’m wondering about a water name. This card predominantly is West as an upright card but North and North West are still significant. When I give directions I am not sure if it is her starting or ending point from where she was last seen so its wise to look at a radius. I can clearly see that Marilyn Bell Park would be on this map and bells are within the early Cup cards as are islands on the four of cups. However, I am not sure if I can see a number correspondence.

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