Soulmate TarotDiscovering your true love is a thrilling and transformative event. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a superficial bond and the actual thing, though. Despite initial attraction, it’s possible to discover that a person isn’t the one you’ve been looking for all along. Some warning indicators that a potential partner isn’t your soul mate are:

A part of you just doesn’t trust them yet. When you’ve found your soulmate, you’ll feel instantly at home with them. Feelings of nervousness, anxiety, or unease could indicate that this individual is not a good fit for you.

You don’t have the same values or motivations for living. While it’s true that two people with vastly different hobbies and personalities can complement one another, a relationship’s harmony can quickly deteriorate if their core principles are at odds. That could be an indication that you haven’t found your soulmate if you and this individual can’t seem to agree on anything.

To be with them, you have to alter your identity. You deserve to find someone who loves you for who you are and who brings out the best in you. It could be a sign that you haven’t found your soulmate if you feel like you need to alter who you are or hide pieces of yourself in order to be with someone.

There’s no significant emotional bond between you. A soulmate is someone with whom you share a profound emotional bond. If you don’t feel emotionally connected to this individual, it may be a clue that they are not the one for you.

After being around them for a while, you begin to feel depleted. You shouldn’t feel depleted or exhausted after spending time with your soulmate; on the contrary, you should feel energized and fulfilled. If you feel like you have to work too hard to keep the relationship going or that spending time with this person is a hassle, it’s possible that this person is not your soulmate.

Something isn’t right, and your gut tells you so. As humans, we have an innate sixth sense that can steer us toward or away from a person. Trust your instincts if you have a hunch something is wrong or that this individual isn’t a good fit.

It’s vital to remember that not everyone you have strong feelings for is your soulmate, even if it’s difficult to let them go. If you pay attention to these indicators, you can make sure you’re putting your time and effort into relationships that are worth your while.

Find out more about the Soulmate Tarot and how it can give you guidance on finding the right person in your life.

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