OK guys, let’s not waste any time – you came here for a free love tarot reading so lets get right to it! Currently the best site for free psychic readings is Oranum, if you don’t have an account there just click on the box below and make one for free.

Upon signup all new members get 9.99 free credits that can be used towards any love tarot reading or any other type that you would like. This is 100% live, 1 on 1 tarot reading from one of their mediums. This is not one of those computer generated sites where you pick a few cards and the computer programs do the so called “reading”. Everything here is live – you see and interact with the medium right on your computer or mobile device. If you have a web camera you can activate it and let the mediums see you but this is absolutely not necessary – you can just type in your questions and watch them do the reading. It’s very simple to do it and it literally takes 30 seconds to make an account and start talking with the reader you like.

As mentioned above – all new users get 9.99 in free credits to use as they wish. Have in mind that Oranum offers not only free love tarot reading but pretty much any kind of psychic related things – dream analysts, angel cards, chakra healing, family issues, lost items, career and work readings and many more. Just head over to their website and under each medium’s profile you will be able to see what they specialize in.¬†How long you will talk to the advisers depends on the rate they have – some are as low as 0.99 credits per minute and if that’s the guy/lady you picked you will have 10 full minutes!

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Who should get a free tarot card reading?

Generally guys and gals who are in a new relationship or are having troubles with their current relationship should like to know what lies ahead. This is understandable and absolutely normal, there is no need to be ashamed that you are looking for answers from a psychic! Millions of people every single day rely on websites like Oranum and on medium and tarot readers for guidance not only in the love and relationship area but for a vast number of other things as well.

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What types of tarot readings are out there?

In different countries (and even with different tarot readers) you will most likely see different types of readings. They are usually named according to how many cards are used for the readings – 1-Card reading, 3-card readings, 6-card reading and so on. Some of them can also be named differently depending on the medium or the website you are visiting – there is the “Celtic Cross” spread, the “True Love” spread, the “Horseshoe” spread and do on. The most popular and often used is the “Three card” love spread. As the name suggests you get to pick 3 cards – one for past loves, one for your current relationship situation and one for the feature. But with this spread there might be variations – some readers will make you pick your 3 cards and read it differently! This again is perfectly normal and depends on who’s doing your reading.

How to not get scammed when you get a free tarot reading online

Unfortunately in the tarot World every-once-in-a-while we see “fake” psychics. These individuals not only don’t have any psychic powers but they could be out to get your personal and financial information and use it for some very bad things. So to stay as safe and as secure as possible we highly recommend you to deal only with established, trusted websites and tarot readers! There are plenty of so called and self proclaimed “mediums” who by ads on Bing, Google and other places and you see their ads show right on top. We cannot stress this enough – do not interact and share any personal information with anybody who is not from a trusted site! The most simple way to check their credentials and trustworthiness is to do a quick Bing search on their name or website and see what comes up. The scammers usually get exposed fast and a simple search can keep you out of a lot of troubles when you are to get your free tarot love reading. The website we trust and posted a link to above is Oranum – they have been around for many many years and have great tarot readers and excellent reputation!

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